A Global Emergency Beyond Climate

The future of planet Earth cannot be dictated by capitalism, socialism or communism, because  Nature does not DO “isms“.  Nor can coporate interests be allowed to replace the interests of populations around the world.

The biosphere of planet Earth has its own dynamics and rules that are billions of years old, and little Johnny-come-lately humanity can either learn to live within them once again OR PERISH!   Just two decades into the dawn of the Third Millennium of the modern era, we are learning a hard lesson about our planet: our greed-based, parasitic paradigm is FAILING SPECTACULARLY!:

Compaction erosion, loss of soil fertility, natural bacteria and mycorrhiza, deprived of the insects and natural vegetation that is their habitat and food

Pollution affects every inhabited continent, cities unfit for human habitation, global Climate Change threatening the planet with a runaway greenhouse effect;

While wild animal species have been lost at a vertiginous rate, ‘domestic’ ones have been reduced to biological factories, breeding new diseases;

In spite of the cost of wind and solar now far below that of coal, oil and natural gas, subsidies continue to propup electricity generation by Fossil Fuels;

Natural, nutricious food is no longer the norm, as  manufactured foodstuffs come to dominate ‘modern’ diets, threatening human and environmental health;

Driven from family farms that had fed generations, sustainably,  their land acquired by Multinationals, are turned into “surplus labour” and starve;

Industrial, agricultural and human wastes pollute streams, rivers and lakes, decimating life, before draining out to sea and polluting marine habitats;

Accumulating in all compartments of the ecosphere, as toxic and pathogenic waste  buried in the land, vulnerable to climate-driven Sea Level Rise

Intensive exploitation of freshwater for the soft drinks industry is leaving dried-up acquifers, desertification and permanent loss of species on huge scale

We need new, resource-based forms of Co-operative enterprise that allows real people, not Corporations to develop trade, commerce, manufacturing, farming, energy and our communities. What have become profit-making machines for the wealthy must be returned to sustainable sources of living for people, symbiotic with the ecosphere, not as parasites. Working alongside one another, as equals. WE can benefit from a migration SUSTAINABLE, HUMANE, ETHICAL paradigm.

People, not Industry and commerce, must reclaim the Planet and its resources, because it is NOT our planet, we are merely borrowing it from lour children and grandchildren!