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Car and lift sharing

Globally, about 15 percent of man-made carbon dioxide comes from cars, lorries, airplanes, ships and other vehicles. Reducing transportation emissions is one of the most vital steps in fighting Climate change, and solutions to the transportation problem are already available.
Car-sharing is a growing and novel way to reduce our emissions in several Countries, while  are a new model of car rental allowing members of a club to rent cars for short periods of time, often by the hour, at good rates, for a small, monhtly membership fee. Car clubs can be a commercial business, run by a company, public agency, or it can be a membership-based co-operative.  Carsharing is part of a larger trend of shared mobility, another form of which is Lift sharing, with individuals – often colleagues in the same firm, or students in the same university – giving colleagues lifts on specified days. Carsharing services are now available in over 1,000 cities in several countries. – source: Wikipedia.