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Oil, Gas, and Coal workers need new jobs

With our consciousness about the devastating, cumulative effect of Fossil Fuels growing in recent decades, and with the develoment of alternative Energies and electric transort, their importance has been waning steadily. Covid 19 has further undermined these indutrsies, by exposing their vulnerability to phenomena like pandemics that can reduce demands to conflicts that can reduce demand almost overnight.

Replacing these, along with many other jobs will become a matter of priority, as the world cautiously emerges from Covid lockdown and seeks to restart economies. And there will be the opportunities for new projects, in manufacturing the components of new  energy infrastructures. From turbines to solar panels, electrical components, measuring monitoring, current conditioning, conversio, transformers…

We may need to go mining landfills to recover copper, zinc and other metals and trace elements from the profligate waste resources of yesteryear, but those too are worthwhile jobs.

Most of all we need to find the will in the population to act as a curb on governments and industry, inclined to go back to “business as usual”.

Here we hope to provide links to retraining, as well as Further and and Higher Education opportunities in the UK and globally, to help those seeking new, sustainable Tech careers.