Why Planet Co-op? In fact, why co-ops at all?

If there is one thing that has become clear in 2019, it’s that there is no time left; it’s 23:59 and at 00:00 the world turns, not into a pumpkin but, gradually, into another Venus!

Since the 1980s the alarm has been sounding: at Rio de Janeiro 1992, Kyoto 1995, Durban 2012, Paris 2016…

But little has changed, in fact, with increased global population, emissions from fossil fuels, industry and farming are soaring. See the timeline here.

The message is now clear: either we act together, and de-couple our work and activities from e missions, or we give up now, and prepare ourselves and our children for the inevitable. Alone we can’t change much, but together we can ACT!