Why Planet Co-op?

In 1972 an alarm bell went off, at the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, in Stockholm: the planet’s ecosystems were in trouble, human intrusion, exploitation and destruction had caused widespread damage and threatened ecosystemic collapse, within a centur.

Faint at first, the alarm grew louder during the following decade, and by 1982 it was loud enough to attract some notable avocates, who raised their voices in concern, at County Hall, in London, speaking up for Nature.

By 1992 the alarm was a siren that howled, loud and clear at Rio de Janeiro, then in Kyoto 1995, Durban 2012, Paris 2016  and ever since.

Today the siren is a constant, bellowing scream of anguish form our planet and all the life that makes up its ecosphere, life we depend uppon for our own existence, ALL of it!

The message, over almost 50 years, has not sunk into the parasitic portion of humanity, intent on gorging on what is left, to its own destruction, if need be, and taking their children and their future with them

Yet little has changed, in fact, with increased global population, emissions from fossil fuels, industry and farming are soaring. See the timeline here. and here.

It is now clear that either we act together, and de-couple our work and activities from e missions, or we give up now, and prepare ourselves and our children for the inevitable.

Alone we can’t change much, but together we can ACT

1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment - Stockhol, Sweden

1982 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment - London, 1982

United Nations Conference on the Human Environment - Rio de Janeiro 1992