People need People

Caring about people

Caring for and about people is the beginning of healing the great rifts that have torn the human family apart and from the planet itself. Interests of economic, political and personal power have replaced the mutual assistance that was once the backbone of human survival.

Because time was when we depended on one another and no-one was ever, truly alone, no-one was inferior or an outsider, unless they harmed the whole,, and wen then, the community, the tribe, would want to know why, what had gone wrong and correct it.

Tooday human beings are alone and must work at making connection, often having to buy, rent or bribe one another with money, chattels or some other kind of benefit to secure love, companionship and help. Working together we can ensure that no-one is alone, neglected, abused or abandoned and all have their needs met, with dignity.