Housing Co-operatives

A housing co-op is is owned and managed by its tenants. ‘Fully Mutual’ co-ops means that only tenants or prospective tenants are allowed to be ‘members’ and control/manage its affairs. They may fall under different rules from other Entities.

In the UK Housing Co-ops fall under the  Industrial & Provident Societies and so must be registered with the Registrar of Friendly Societies at the Financial Services Authority (FSA).Logo

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For some 40 years or so climatologists have been tracking increases in mean global temperatures of the global climate of Planet Earth, and have concluded, after much reasearch and debate, that this is partly in response to the emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels – petrol, diesel and gas – that persist in the atmosphere, increasing in concentrations so that heat from the sun, volcanic and human activity is trapped.

1. The scientific consensus is that we are running out of time to stop Climate Change from going critical

2. The pressure of Sea Level Rise will first and forremost affect the deep ground, and all that is buried ther:
• Sewers
• Cemeteries
Mass graves
• Animal carcass pits
• Mines and mining spoils

• Toxic and radioactive waste dumps

• Underground fuel stores

Below are a number of actions anyone can take, but what we need is unity ofpurpose, so the very first thing you could do is discuss this with family, friedns, colleagues, neighblours and acquaintances.

1. Choose ethical Banks
2. Move your pension, savings and investments to Ethical providers, who have DISINVESTED from:
• Fossil Fuels, fracking, tar sands, coal mining, drilling etc.
• Dairy and Meat Farming
• Agribusiness • Logging of virgin forests
• Appropriateing Indigenous Lands
• Appropriating water and other natural resources abroad
Set-up local co-operatives and collective buying groups for:
• sustainable food
• solar PV panels
• community wind turbine projects
• electric cars
• afforestation projects Network with other groups and co-ops to make your £$€¥ buy BIG volumes of sustainable goods, and choose Ethical Wholesalers, asking them to buy from small farmers and even encourage them to form Farmers’ Co-operatives.
These things we can do NOW, and they are the basic starting poin to:
• bring down prices of sustainble alternatives
• support the sustainable industries and create green jobs
• prevent more carbon from entering into our atmosphere
• create clean, safe jobs that don’t give the workforce black lung, expose them to mining disasters or pollute rivers, seas and acquifers.