Farming and land

Farming Co-operatives

Over the past few centuries,  land ownership has been passing from tribes, families and individuals to wealthy landowners, Corporations and Investment institutions. This leaves farming communities  vulnerable to unemployment, homelessness and even famines. The de-facto takeover of land and farming by business, whose only interest is profit, now threatens to be the only force controlling   food prices. This to the benefit of shareholders and detriment of consumers, as well as farming communities. 

The National, a Scottish Newspaper that supports Scottish Independence puts it very starkly and succinctly:

Climate change is a direct consequence of global capitalism, a system that was borne out of and continues to thrive on colonialism. Climate change contains within it histories of exploitation of people and natural resources as well as colonial systems of politics and power that continue to perpetuate oppression, inequality and injustice across the world today.