Cycling for health, pleasure and urban survival

The great cycle adventure

Cycling has been around since the mid 1870s and by the 1900s had spread more or less all around the globe. For decades China had the larget number of bicycles in the world, being almost universal mode of transportation, with 7.5 M electric bikes sold by China’s manufacturers, by 2004 (Wikipedia).

But cycling has come a long way,  with high tech, carbon fibre frames and sleek components, electric motors, batteries and sophisticated gearing. In the other direction, cycling has also come up with some suprises, with  affordable, sustainable bamboo bikes Рwhich had made their appearance in the UK back in 1895 Рand still today the Bamboo Bicycle Company boast about the properties of bamboo that make it not only eminently sustainable, but also a great, snad smooth rider, better than carbon fibre! And the oldest Co-operative in Scotland is a bicycle retail outlet with shops in Aberdeen, Newcastle and Leeds.