Community Energy

What and why is Community Energy?

Energy is life and so energy supply has always been a lucrative business, from candles, torches and lamops to wood, coal and oil, since antiquity vast fortunes have been made from supplying energy as light and heat.In the UK and elsewhere, though, the Renewables Revolution opened-up the opportunity for communities to meet their own energy needs.
Pooling resources and using them to fund the installation of Solar Photovoltaics on roofs and/or setting-up and operating wind and solar farms on local land, has allowed Community Energy projects to distribute  elctricity to local residents, institutions and businesses at mutually agreed prices, and sellling suprlus electricity to the National Grid. Some Call themselves Energy Co-ops, others have more traditional business models, with members of the community acting as investors, in enterprise that only allows local residents to become shareholders, so as to keep control local.